Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red Rising - (R)



Set for publication at the end of January, Red Rising is a dystopian novel in the vein of Hunger Games. Although the advance reader copy (ARC) I received in exchange for a review may be subject to change, I've recorded all the material that readers (and parents) should be aware of. (And there is a lot.)

Red Rising tells the story of Darrow, a seventeen-year-old from a slave class that sets out to undertake his own brand of social reform. The result is bloody, disturbing, and strangely gripping. It's not to the level of horror, but more like a gritty war tale. Definitely not appropriate for younger teens. It makes Hunger Games seem like Saturday morning cartoons.

Red Rising gets an (R) rating for content.  

Two stars. 

The Star Ratings on this site are inversely based on amount of mature material found in the books. 
The less objectionable, the content, the more stars it earns.

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