Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Filmmaking Debut - and Two Awesome Websites for Parents

The greatest thing about blogging is connecting with incredible people and learning new things. This past week I've learned of two separate companies (Clean Teen Publishing and Focus on the Family) that are dedicated to helping parents make informed decisions about literature for their kids.

Sound familiar? Turns out they do a much better job than Story Surgeon General. The timing couldn't be more perfect, however, since with the launching of my kickstarter project on January 16th, this blog will focus less on book reviews and more on the iPad app and filter sharing. (Although I still plan to spotlight specific books and their content.)

Although I'll be discussing the Kickstarter project again in a few days, I wanted to share this promo video that I made with my kids. (I think you'll see why I wasn't accepted into the BYU film program.) But at least it explains a little about how the eBook Editing App works (and what it is NOT.)

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