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This was an uncorrected proof. The content in the published novel may be different.

LANGUAGE - Moderate (although they all general lesser swear words, the variety and creativity was rather impressive. I've included most of them here.)

b*st*rd (18)
sh*t (24)
b*tch (3)
d*mn (16)
g*dd*mn (4)
bloodyd*mn (30)
goryd*mn (14)
h*ll (24)
son of a b**** (2)
a** (9)
minor religious (9)
Mother of G*d
p*ss (32)
p*sseating snail
p*ssinyourboots scary
pr*ck (8)
pr*cklick (3)
wh*re (3)
turd (5)
b*lls (9)
scr*w (3)
cootch (slang for vagina)

SEXUALITY - Moderate

Prostitution and sex slaves are repeated themes throughout.
Child sex slaves are mentioned as well as machines for sex.
Naked woman in ad applies cream to her privates.
Someone puts hair follicle removal on Darrow, including the privates.
Talk of shoving his pr*ck inside someone.
Hear the screams of girls (implied rape).
Talk of cutting off someone's pr*ck and shoving it in his mouth.
Darrow approaches a woman as she's changing (sees her naked)
Sees naked woman dancing as men bid on her
Talk of suckling on the teats of thos b*st*rds (meaning those in charge)
Someone pulls down his pants and p*sses on the other teams' banner


Graphic descriptions of surgery
Disturbing threats: Pull your hands off your body, kick you in the scrotum, pull out eyes and cut away anything that makes you a man, stomp on the heads of your nieces and nephews, cut his b*lls off, cut her throat to the bone,
Torture: slowly cut off ear, stabs someone's hand to the table and makes them cut their own hand off to get free.
People made to murder others: Brutal  beating (to death) of one of his friends, pulling someone down by their feet (Mars' gravity isn't enough to hang someone without help) and the snap of their neck, stomping on someones trachea until death, beating of girl with sticks, the sounds of a girl's throat being cut described in detail, Darrow beats his teacher unconscious with elbows to the head, someone is stabbed four times in the eye socket, talk of braiding entrails, sword fight ends in death but the stabbing continues.


Behavior or phrases kids might repeat: Suck my b*lls, I'll rip off your head and p*ss down your throat, Your mother rode me ragged, Pain gives me a hard-on (an erection), numbnuts, sexpot, turdlicker, wanking off (masturbating) in the bushes, multiple middle-fingers, and lots of peeing on people's heads and various things they want to disrespect. 

Blasphemy - Darrow is once jokingly referred to as Lord and Messiah. At another point, three people are hung up on crosses as torture. A genetic engineer says, Someone has to dot God's i's.

Much disrespect of authority. The teachers in particular are portrayed as incompetent or self-serving psychos.

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