Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blackmoore - (PG)


As a rule, I don't read romance novels. This one was recommended by my wife and for the most part I enjoyed it. Not sure if it's strictly YA romance. Although the main character is 17, she's dealing with love and marriage issues that make her seem much older. (Until the end when she turns into an irrational basket-case, but that's just my distaste for romance talking.)

Other than a little shirtless moment (him, not her) and some disrespecting of parents (they sorta deserve it) this is one romance you could read out loud to your grandma in church.

Blackmoore gets a (PG) rating for content.

Four stars
(Star ratings on this site are based solely on amount of mature content. The less objectionable the content, the more stars.)

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