Monday, November 4, 2013

More Resources For Parents - And a Call for Reviewers!

There are many great tools out there for parents wanting to protect there kids. Here are a few of my favorite.

As you can see from these awards, the K-9 internet filter does a great job filtering internet and gives parents total control without being overly complicated. The best part is that it's completely FREE! It can also be downloaded as an app (a web browser) on phones and tablets, which is how many teens access mature sites. Keep in mind that you have to put additional restrictions on the mobile devices along with K-9. (For example, with an iPhone, you have to go into Settings > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions (put in password) Then disable Safari and any other browsers.)

The Clearplay DVD filtering system requires purchase of their DVD player and a monthly subscription, but my family has found it completely worth the price. Month to month, it's $7, but the price gets less expensive as you buy time in bulk. The fact that I'm so cheap and still want to support this company shows how awesome it is. I mean, it turns rated R movies into PG ones! (Admittedly, there are a few skips and mutes, but the filters can be adjusted for your age/maturity level.)

If Clearplay is too much trouble or money, try the Kids In Mind website. My blogger friend, Krista VanDolzer told me about it and it seems even better than the screen-it website I mentioned in my first post. Basically, this site will tell you (for free) exactly what content is a specific movie. Keep in mind, however, they shoot ads at you (it's really annoying) in order to get you to pay for the ad-free version. It you're like me, however, no amount of ad-free-ness can make up for the free-ness.

Know about any other great resources? Please let us know in the comments section! (And for heaven sake, tell your friends about The Story Surgeon and SEND IN THOSE REVIEWS to storysurgeongeneral (at) gmail (dot) com. It doesn't have to be long or meticulous. Heck, it doesn't even have to be YA. We just need book titles and an idea of what's in it that parents might object to!) 

I've been doing advertising at work and around my neighborhood. I submit the pictures (below) as proof.

Now share this blog with anyone who has literate kids (or likes to read YA themselves!)  Or else.....(see last picture.)


  1. Nice pictures! Clearplay is definitely worth the money. I am glad though that you wrote that, "Admittedly, there are a few skips and mutes, but the filters can be adjusted for your age/maturity level" because that's something that they haven't quite perfected yet. Even so, still worth it. By the way, I will be sending you a review on a children's book soon!

  2. Yay! It only took a month. (Just teasing.)


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