Press Release - Story Surgeon App

App creator tackles smut in kids books

Story Surgeon app will remove mature content from eBooks, create new breed of fan fiction

Phoenix, Jan. 16,  2014

Today, father of four and Arizona native Ryan Hancock launched his eBook editing project on kickstarter. (Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site in which donations are rewarded with perks and prizes.)  

Once developed, the Story Surgeon iPad app will allow readers to make in line changes to purchased eBooks and share the "filters" online. Hancock says the free app will appeal to parents who want to clean up their teen's books and fan fiction writers who, for the first time, can legally change an author's words. (Such as substituting themselves for a main character or writing an alternate ending.)

"Copyrights will not be violated," says Hancock, President of Out Of The Gutter Development. "The program creates a separate filter file that when shared, can only be used by others who have purchased the book. The original work remains unaffected and private."

For more information visit the kickstarter project page:

The app will cost $16,500 to develop and if funded by February, 14th 2014, will be available May of the same year. Other platforms such as Android tablets and phones are planned for the immediate future, depending on additional donations. Hancock has hired programmers from ZCO corporation, one of the largest custom app building companies in the world.

About Out Of The Gutter Development, Inc.

Seven years after graduating from Brigham Young University, Hancock hadn't done much with his Recreational Management and Youth Leadership degree. (Unless you count a blog which  informs teens and parents of mature content in YA fiction.) But while serving with the youth as a church service missionary, Hancock felt inspired to take his campaign on the offensive. "Once the pool of Story Surgeon users is big enough," Hancock says, "conservative readers can pick up and enjoy any book without fear of profanity, sex, or graphic violence. It's basically Clearplay for novels."

You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or the Story Surgeon General blog. Contact him at storysurgeongeneral (at) gmail (dot) com.



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