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At the time of this review I was 85% through the novel. There may be some surprises at the end, and I'll try to amend the review once I've finished.


d*mnation (16)
b*st*rd     (13)
minor religious exclamations (4)
puns about assassins and rear ends (assass)


Prostitutes are mentioned occasionally (called whores)
Jokes about spheres referring to testicles
Joke about the difference between insults and being in sluts

VIOLENCE - Moderate (to Heavy)

There is much war and killing throughout the novel, among the more graphic are descriptions of swords going through necks, men getting speared to death, bodies twitching, getting sliced open and insides coming out, a knife to an eye (the same incident described twice), a graphic torture of a crab, a slave made to cut up his own arm, brains and entrails being scattered across the battlefield, someone getting neck sliced and nearly severing the head, a sword driving through the face of a man and into the floor.


It's implied that a father molested his sons
Description of someone burning in hell
Some of the characters are dishonest and steal things
A woman tries to get a man to sleep with her
A man refuses to pay his prostitute
Themes of suicide

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