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This was an uncorrected proof. The content in the published novel may be different.

Keep in mind that these numbers only reflect the content in the first 1/3 of the book. There is certainly more where that came from. If anyone finishes the novel, they are welcome to email me with an update.


F-words (32)
sh** (47)
a** (12)
a**h*le (6)
b**ch (4)
religious exclamations (4)
h*ll (6)
d*ck (2)
multiple uses of s*cks, t*rd, pr*ck, d*mn, d**che, b*lls, p*ss, p*cker


Sister and boyfriend having loud sex in basement on multiple occasions.
Joke about implied oral sex.
Boyfriend’s privates seen by the light of the fridge.
Sister repeatedly accusing Gerald of being gay.
Gerald refers to a girl’s rear end in a sexist manner.


Gerald contemplates various brutal murders.
Shooting in back, smashing head in with iron poker, plunging something sharp into sister’s eye/brain, pressing face into hot dog rollers, dunking head in deep fryer, taking an electric knife to his mom, killing with bare hands and eating his face, taking a bite out of someone’s face like it’s an apple, imaging the screams of his sister as he hold her hand on the burner.


Using words like Gaytard, underage drinking, swearing, smoking pot/cigarettes, giving the finger, pooping on parents things to get revenge.
All “cool” adults either enable, smoke, or swear.
The teacher tells them to watch their language in class, and then swears himself.

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